A lot of things have changed in the last 100 years. Women gained the right to vote around the world and slowly entered the workforce, we’ve secularized and our views regarding minorities, LGBT+, family values and how to treat eachother has changed tremendously.

We have gone from homogenous nations, where most people in the same region share religion, world views and color to a global culture .

This has also changed what means to be a man. Which values are important to keep if you want to be called a gentleman and how we should treat eachother across ethnic origins, gender, age, sexual orientations and so on.

Confusion in the wake of #metoo

All these changes in society have caused a lot of confusion for many men. Especially after the #metoo movement.

The #metoo movement tought us that a lot of things that were prevoiusly accepted, or at least tolerated, was and is wrong, disrespectful and damaging to women.

It was a tough blow for many people who have treated women with what we today consider disrespectfully. Reactions from men have been anything from remorse and regret to denial, anger and a feeling of being lost.

Lost in what it means to be a man, how to handle wrongs done in the past, how to behave, when to speak up and what to say.

But let’s face it. Progress means to learn from our past, keep the things that are good and change the things that we realize were not so good.

Putting an end to toxic masculinity

If you didn’t realize that a certain behaviour that you may have engaged in before #metoo was wrong, you may feel that the goal of the movement is to strip you of your rights, your freedom and even your identity and values as a man.

It isn’t, and you have not been stripped of these things.

Nothing in the #metoo movement has stripped you of any of those things and it’s not a war against men or masculinity. It’s a reaction to toxic, disrespectful and anti-social behaviour.

Positive masculinity for the 21st century

So let’s together bring an end to toxic masculinity and reinforce the positive things that we, as men, can bring to society. Let’s promote a positive masculinity for the 21st century.

Our mission

At GentlemanUp, it is our mission to promote positive masculinity. To help eachother be mature, assertive, secure and proud men. Treat our fellow human beings fairly, respect boundries and take the consequences of our actions as men.

Because being a gentleman starts from the inside.